To Care

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan

Each of us has the power to make the world a better place, for ourselves today, but also and above all for generations to come. We are not called to carry out enormous actions, but only to commit ourselves all together every day, in small things that can make a difference!

We have always worked hard to protect the environment, promote eco-sustainability, efficiency and optimal use of resources. And now we’ll explain better what we do concretely, because we can only improve what we measure!


A photovoltaic system helps us to produce the electricity we need: a renewable source that allows the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions.

The Hotel is equipped with a thermoregulation system in the rooms of both the heating and cooling systems. Furthermore, the air conditioning system is equipped with thermic sensors which interrupt the flows of air produced if the windows are opened at the same time.

The entire building and areas are illuminated with LED bulbs.

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The water system that serves the structure has been equipped with flow restrictors in all areas: bathrooms in the bedrooms, bathrooms in the common areas, kitchen, swimming pool….

The large garden is irrigated with a centralized system programmed with a timer and which uses water from a natural well.

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We are constantly engaged in separate waste collection, and we encourage the collaboration of Guests with special containers located throughout the Hotel, in the garden, by the pool and in all areas.


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Most of the detergents used for cleaning and sanitizing every inch of the hotel are certified ecological and biodegradable, respecting the environment and protecting guests and collaborators.

The staff is constantly updated on the correct use of the products and the usable quantities, for a maximum and efficient yield.

The products and toiletries inside the rooms are all organic and certified, from toilet paper to soaps to the accessories provided.

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We are increasingly trying to replace plastic with alternative biodegradable and/or biological and/or recycled materials, such as glass and paper.


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We prefer short supply chains, we serve home-made biscuits and cakes packaged with certified local raw materials, many of our suppliers are local producers, we use certified BIO products, we offer suitable alternatives for guests with special dietary regimes (gluten-free, lactose-free…)


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We have a private car park that allows guests to leave their car safely and move around the area in an alternative way. Those traveling with an electric car will have a charging column with two stations available directly in our car park.

Through our garden it is possible to reach the center of Lazise with a walk of a few minutes, avoiding the passage on the main road.

We make bicycles available to our Guests to facilitate zero-emission travel. And for those who have their own bike in tow, we provide a free place in our bike cellar.

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Most of our communications take place by email or dedicated messaging, we prefer information in digital format to paper, through the use of links and QR codes with which you can access our WebApp which offers not only information and content relating to our Hotel, but also useful info on the area, from bus and boat timetables, to contacts with restaurants and facilities in the area, to all that information otherwise available only from paper brochures (which we are trying to gradually abolish instead).

Inside the rooms there are invitations to our guests to collaborate in the ecological field, such as invitations to save energy and water by avoiding the request to change bed linen and towels when possible, or to consciously use the air conditioning, or to remove the magnetic card and turning off the lights when leaving the room.

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Together we can make a difference, because our choices today will help us live better, but above all they will give our future generations the opportunity to still enjoy our beautiful Earth.

“The world is a beautiful place and worth fighting for"

Ernest Hemingway