Villa dei Cedri

“Parco Termale del Garda of Villa dei Cedri” is a 13-acre “unique natural spa” surrounded by rare plants and trees with thermal lakes, swimming pools, a wellness centre and a fitness facility. “Villa dei Cedri” mineral water originates in large amounts from 2 deep subterranean water-bearing strata (at depths of 160 and 200 meters) at a temperature of 37° and 42°C. In the main lake and in the swimming pool the temperature of the thermal water is set at approximately 33°C and in the special pools (old tubs) temperature reaches 37°/39°C. In the second lake the water temperature is around 29°/30°C.

Villa dei Cedri Thermal Water is defined as mineral water with high bicarbonate, calcium, and magnesium contents, and a significant level of silicon. It is an alkaline water with a pH of 7.8, which gives beneficial anti-inflammatory effects. The average temperature of the water is maintained all year around at about 33°C for health and wellbeing purposes, while in the jacuzzis and in the lakes temperature is kept between 37° and 39° C.

Villa dei Cedri Thermal Water is particularly indicated in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, as well as for skin diseases, non-acute diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral vascular diseases and cosmetic treatments especially for veins and lymphatic disorders.

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Parco termale Aquardens

The natural mineral water that flows into the basins of Aquardens Thermal Water Park has therapeutic properties which were recognized by the Ministry of Health.

Guests can combine the pleasure of a visit to the Park with the benefits of the spa and hydrotherapy.

Long ago, this beautiful geographical area was covered by the sea and today the same thermal water (rich in salts of sodium, bromine and iodine, as well as calcium, magnesium and iron) flows microbiologically pure from fissures in the rock at the Aquardens spring.

In addition to the spa area, Aquardens offers its guests the wonderful Sauna Village, a real outdoor village with saunas, each characterized by a themed setting.

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Terme di Sirmione

Terme di Sirmione, among the most famous and luxurious in Italy, are located in the picturesque town inserted in the thermal complex of Lake Garda.

It is a spa establishment that is among the most advanced and best organized in Italy.

A great variety of high-end treatments and a long series of charming facilities complete the picture of this exclusive resort suitable for stays of well-being, relaxation and luxury.

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