Water sport

Lake Garda boasts many water sports possibilities. It is especially renowned for sailing and many important annual regattas. Other sports are wakeboard, kitesurf, windsurf, canoe, snorkelling or parasailing, where a motorboat carries you into the air, and last but not least the most fashionable sport of the recent years: the stand up paddling (SUP).

Along the wild torrents in the hinterland you might try an adrenaline rush doing rafting and canyoning. Otherwise, you could discover the hidden treasures on the lake bottom diving into the blue waters or watching the sunrise surfing on the lake. The possibilities are endless.

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Parapendio da Malcesine

Another sport that considers Mount Baldo and Lake Garda a paradise for its addicts is certainly paragliding. Thanks to updrafts it is possible to rise up to 3000 meters after the take-off, and then reach the landing at Malcesine after a series of glidings and spiral divings.

For new“Icarus”, who have the courage to detach from the ground with their hang glider or paraglider, the program offers an incomparable glide of many kilometres maintaining the same height thanks to the good updrafts rising from Lake Garda. The real problem for both experts and beginners is to abandon this dream and to return to ground.

Not only the addicts of Malcesine fly here, but also many tourists and addicts from all over the world who come to visit Mount Baldo in order to benefit from the perfect flying conditions. Tourists without a license may refer to the various associations of Malcesine to experience tandem flight with an approved pilot in complete safety, plunged into the unique panorama offered by Mount Baldo.

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Bike & routes

A cycling holiday is an exciting way of getting to know this area, exploring the countryside, with places otherwise difficult to reach, and offering your entire family a nature holiday out in the fresh air. In recent years, cycling has become more and more popular.

Due to its varied routes and scenic beauty, Lake Garda is the ideal setting for this sport.

The area surrounding the lake is unique in that it meets the need of every cyclist. It boasts challenging slopes, but also routes fit for a bicycle tour with one’s family and children.

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Trekking & routes

To walk is a simple movement; do it on a mountain surrounded by Lake Garda’s wonderful natural environment is good for your body and even better for your mind.

The first trails start very close to the beach and rise up to 2000 meters of height and more. We would not be able to tell you how many kilometers of trails there are, but there are routes for everyone: for those who like to stroll quietly and enjoy their free time and also for whom making an effort is an even bigger rest.

In hilly areas there are short trails for most people, suitable for everyone who likes to walk in the countryside or away from crowded beaches. Rising up in higher there are more trails, some of them very challenging.
The jaw dropping landscapes are one of the main features of the routes on Lake Garda. If you add the well mapped and maintained trails, the huts and refuges, a dive into the lake as soon as you take off your boots or a drink in village at sunset after a day of sport, then a trip on Garda is just perfect.

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The Lake Garda golf region is a special experience for every golf player. The beautiful and characteristically varied golf courses are located in the various landscape forms that you discover in this popular vacation region.
The Lake Garda golf courses are playable all year around and they are a challenge to both beginners and already passionate golf players.
Participating in a golf tournament during the weekend is a natural thing to do in most golf clubs in Italy.
So spend your next golf holiday on Lake Garda… You will not regret it!
Paradiso del Garda Golf Club
Located a short distance from Lake Garda, in Peschiera del Garda, the golf course is 800,000 square meters with 18 holes. The course has a driving range and putting green and the Golf Academy with 4 holes.
Ca ‘degli Ulivi Golf Club
In Marciaga there is this enchanting 18-hole course immersed in a natural landscape of small lakes and fields of olive trees. Present the Golf Academy with driving range, putting green and approach green and the 9-hole Mirabello field.
Chervò Golf San Vigilio
Designed by architect Kurt Rossknecht, this golf course located in Pozzolengo has 36 holes divided into 3 courses. Expert or beginner golfers will find the most suitable course. A large driving range, pitching, chipping and 2 putting greens complete the course surrounded by nature and enchanting beauty.

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